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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

This is not at all dangerous exercises healthy

Sit Ups
In this exercise, lie down on the ground, the backs of hands folded behind his head is taken and is still carried the head, upper back and neck stress fracture of the spine, or neck pain. If you This exercise is not so much a good thing.
Leg Curls
Steve turned down the exercise in the gym, and then take weight on his legs. In this exercise all the weight comes back to so exercise extreme caution is required.
Seated Abduction
In this exercise you are sitting down and your legs open a lastk or rope. In this exercise too much strain on the spine, which is the fear of being hurt.
Leg Extensions (Seated)
im sat with legs lifting the exercise of the most famous, but we gtnun injured during exercise sufficient that the experts are telling us gtnun abnormal pressure during weight lifting
Spot Reduction Exercises
This exercise amumalug particular reason that trying to lose weight, they tend to damage the organ Damage to sit.So try to reduce the weight of the body to be mobilized and will not focus on just one part attention should be paid.