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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The five million rupees in which the shameful job will get paid, but you will want to do this job

Do not worry, it was just a job, but it fell from the chickens to the sex of chicks. This job working in year 60 hzardalr (approximately 60 million annually) or five million monthly meet and every chicken raising her sexual organs to see estimate that the chick is male or female .
Poultry farmers in the UK are in desperate need of a job for which it is said that the people were not ready for it to work. I think it is extremely rare to see but to do so requires skill and patience. Each chicken raising it upside down and then looked aazaĜĦmksush estimate that this chick is male or female.
The people who work every day to 800 chicks are 1200 and only 2 percent chance of error is acceptable and the pay cut is made more mistakes.

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