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Saturday, 14 March 2015

The fatal errors while you are brushing your teeth, avoid them at all costs Avoid

Collectively they have a good teeth cleaning, but some things we have inadvertently taken as an R, which may damage the teeth of our continent and the PM. Need to tell you about a few mistakes that are dangerous Explains about the mistakes.

Do not brush too long
And some people are very quick brush and it's a habit that they are utterly .mahryn of the tooth brush to clean a context is very important.

Do not see what you are doing.
Make sure that the items that you see in the mirror Brush your teeth because they are so you know that your teeth are being cleaned properly Being.

Hard to brush
Sometimes you put more emphasis on teeth which can damage teeth, so do not brush too hard Do not brush.

wrong brush use
Particularly careful in the selection of brushes and dental use the same brush to brush kryn.kch severe fibers is favorable and ask the dentist to take soft lhzaapny which is better for you, unlike PM
It is better for you.

Wash brushes
Wash thoroughly after brushing but your brush once a week in hot water to wash away the bacteria in it Germs go away.

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