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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Investigators have attributed to obesity Diet Coke Declared the cause of obesity

To avoid the terrible effects of cola drinks Diet Coke, people usually consider a good alternative, but without being harmful in any way less than other cola drinks.
University of Texas, 750 US continued research, the results of which ten years now, the scientific journal "American Geriatrics Society", were published in theAccording to the Diet Coke creates other problems, obesity and ksusabry old people become more prone to adverse effects. The study found that over ten years 750 persons whom the Diet Coke of course his waist measuring 0.8 inches rose, occasionally Diet Coke drinkers measure increased 1.83 inches while Diet Coke Most of the increase in users was 3.16 inches.
Researchers say the use of Diet Coke changes in intestinal bacteria are found in the digestive and metabolism process which is also affected and these factors lead to an increase in weight. Diet Coke drinkers due to the misconception that they are using less kylryz and other foods that is why they are slightly careless and it also causes an increase in weight Causes.

Why old man with white hair grow? Science Answer

Over the age of our body hair and head hair, especially white would normally say that old age: and come with aging. Do you ever thought why our hair turn white? The answer to scientistsIf someone tells sets of golden hair at an early age it will be golden and black hair black, but as time passes, it will remain weak and have white hair will come out.

University of Melbourne Professor Rodney San Clair says that some diseases are caused by white people, but it is also the most important role of genes, the parents hair is often seen early in the white desert children's hair, white skin causes these said hair graying our diet, lifestyle or mental stress is not related to some diseases such as vitiligo and alopecia hair prematurely gray, but a little I have people Some people say that their hair prematurely white are just because they have a disease is called a anaemia or hair are white with the passage of time There are white.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The fatal errors while you are brushing your teeth, avoid them at all costs Avoid

Collectively they have a good teeth cleaning, but some things we have inadvertently taken as an R, which may damage the teeth of our continent and the PM. Need to tell you about a few mistakes that are dangerous Explains about the mistakes.

Do not brush too long
And some people are very quick brush and it's a habit that they are utterly .mahryn of the tooth brush to clean a context is very important.

Do not see what you are doing.
Make sure that the items that you see in the mirror Brush your teeth because they are so you know that your teeth are being cleaned properly Being.

Hard to brush
Sometimes you put more emphasis on teeth which can damage teeth, so do not brush too hard Do not brush.

wrong brush use
Particularly careful in the selection of brushes and dental use the same brush to brush kryn.kch severe fibers is favorable and ask the dentist to take soft lhzaapny which is better for you, unlike PM
It is better for you.

Wash brushes
Wash thoroughly after brushing but your brush once a week in hot water to wash away the bacteria in it Germs go away.

Japanese scientists showed earn Ltd., Wireless power dream come true

Japan's leading scientific institution, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to electrical energy through the micro-waves transmitted over a distance of 1.8 kilometers and has achieved great success. It's a place where power wireless transmitted with extraordinary success. Scientists say that the real benefit of this technology in the endless solar energy will need to be moved on the ground, which in turn will be plenty of power on the ground Will be plenty of power.
For this project, approximately 36 thousand kilometers from Earth in space will bring solar energy solar panels and antenna will move to the ground. This technology is still in the early stages and is expected until 2040 will be faced with the practical Is before us.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

This is not at all dangerous exercises healthy

Sit Ups
In this exercise, lie down on the ground, the backs of hands folded behind his head is taken and is still carried the head, upper back and neck stress fracture of the spine, or neck pain. If you This exercise is not so much a good thing.
Leg Curls
Steve turned down the exercise in the gym, and then take weight on his legs. In this exercise all the weight comes back to so exercise extreme caution is required.
Seated Abduction
In this exercise you are sitting down and your legs open a lastk or rope. In this exercise too much strain on the spine, which is the fear of being hurt.
Leg Extensions (Seated)
im sat with legs lifting the exercise of the most famous, but we gtnun injured during exercise sufficient that the experts are telling us gtnun abnormal pressure during weight lifting
Spot Reduction Exercises
This exercise amumalug particular reason that trying to lose weight, they tend to damage the organ Damage to sit.So try to reduce the weight of the body to be mobilized and will not focus on just one part attention should be paid.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The five million rupees in which the shameful job will get paid, but you will want to do this job

Do not worry, it was just a job, but it fell from the chickens to the sex of chicks. This job working in year 60 hzardalr (approximately 60 million annually) or five million monthly meet and every chicken raising her sexual organs to see estimate that the chick is male or female .
Poultry farmers in the UK are in desperate need of a job for which it is said that the people were not ready for it to work. I think it is extremely rare to see but to do so requires skill and patience. Each chicken raising it upside down and then looked aazaĜĦmksush estimate that this chick is male or female.
The people who work every day to 800 chicks are 1200 and only 2 percent chance of error is acceptable and the pay cut is made more mistakes.

i Watch how much will be made of? All the details were revealed

It is being said about the smart watch it enough to buy different kinds of applications besides running, open the car door and provide valuable information to the user's precision will be equipped with skills. Apple claims that Samsung's Smart Watch, LG and Sony will leave behind companies like product.will. Apple pay for the payment technology has also been provided using the large shopping centers and airports, etc. will be paid.
Smart Watch with iPhone will connect via Bluetooth link. It will also provide maps and directions, to take the wrong direction uaybryt will also warn the user. Dozens of unique and useful features Smart Watch mzyyn 220 British pounds (about Rs 34) is being offered for sale.

To avoid infertility extremely useful advice

Bone broth or soup
Make homemade chicken soup bones for him, while to take a little vinegar solution bone marrow well mild pepper and salt in the soup soup pyyn.yh eliminates infertility and is very useful for women, men can also use it.
The use of liver
If you eat liver once a month goat or cow it very useful for your hy.klyjy nutrition found in the human body to produce immunity with infertility treatment is natural.
Fish oil capsules
Card oil or fish oil capsules are easily available in the market and very useful for infertility hyn.dn Eat three to six capsules and make life pleasant.
Solomon Fish
Solomon is found in fish, omega-three other weaknesses that infertility is also eliminated.
Red raspberry leaf tea
This tea is useful for pregnant women and mothers seeking Hague for women is extremely beneficial beverage.
Green leafy vegetables
The iron in vegetables that are very useful for men and women diet. Pregnant women are also very beneficial vegetables.