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Saturday, 21 February 2015

If you sit too long, then these tips to avoid back the following must

The socks that pain is a disease in which the victim could understand her problem. It may suffer great pain and suffering unspeakable pain better than you have in your life and make some habits that you can save your back problems easily.
* To push your pelvis back and abdominal muscles play an important role. It will strengthen the back muscles will get support and will keep you from pain. These exercises regularly to prevent muscle weakness that strengthen the muscles of the back and front.

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* If you want to know how you stand straight up the wall and stand in the back. Your back, hips, heels and head to the wall must fall. Take in mind the style and stand whenever I try to stand in the same andadz.
* Stand or sit, keep your head high, as if your head is a top draw, it will straighten your body.
* Take a tennis ball and place it below the waist where the pain I feel. Move back and forth on his body put pressure on the sore spot. This sore and extremely effective natural way to massage is the best and easiest way.
* And remember that any sudden rise or sit not with seizures.

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